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Telephone ringing permanently when connected through ADSL filter.



I got ADSL installed about a month ago and have been experiencing disconnection problems which led to my starting to troubleshoot.


My initial, problematic setup was:

Wall socket - Surge protector(Modem/router power supply) - ADSL filter, spliting into Phone and D-LINK DSL-2750U modem.


I decided to bypass the surge protector and plugging the filter straight into the wall socket, but my phone started ringing non-stop.


If I plug the ADSL line straight into the wall socket, leaving the phone out of the equation my ADSL works 100%


If I take the ADSL out of the equation and plug the phone line straight into the wall socket the phone works 100%.


If I put a filter(I've tried two different ones) between the wall socket and the phone it rings permanently.


If I use two filters inline the ringing stops and the phone works. 


Any ideas?





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Re: Telephone ringing permanently when connected through ADSL filter.

@RiaanS the ADSL has 2 frequencies, the voice and ADSL. Together they will interfere with each other. For that reason there is a POTS filter which is a high pass filter that splits the Voice and ADSL frequencies. If you only use ADSL, then there is no need for a filter, and visa versa. To use both, you need a working filter, and this is always plugged in line with the Telephone handset. I still use an old one that is not a splitter, just a filter. So my ADSL goes straight into the jack, and the filter goes into the other open port on the jack, and the phone plugs into the filter.


If you have one of those splitter filters, obviously stick to the labelling Smiley Tongue


If you have tried and even swapped, then there could be a fault on your line, try reporting it. 

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Re: Telephone ringing permanently when connected through ADSL filter.



I know this is months later, but both my filters were faulty.

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