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Telkom do not Recommend Cordless phone?

I made a request for technical assistance recently. The technicians came to my home did nothing just blame my cordless phone, blame the spliter, blame D-link adapter and equipment, blame the filter and at the end, they blame the electric socket. I am using my cordless phone since 2015 and no problems at all occur neither to the line nor to the modem. If there is a problem with the cordless phones Telkom might put this clearly that this type of phones are not recommended with telkom lines. Now, I am staying without phone and the modem is not connected as the modem company (D-link) recommended; that mean it is connected directly to the line. I test my cordless phone at my neighbor line and it is working perfectly and we took their normal phone and we use it on our line and it doesn't work. That mean I can't use both the phone and the modem. Now we are looking for something to blame and any suggestions I will be grateful? 

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Re: Telkom do not Recommend Cordless phone?

@basit, funny enough it can be all those issues. As for the Cordless phone, it has to be ICASA approved, otherwise there is a chance that it may interfere.


POTS filters also go faulty. Replace the filter, you usually get 2 in the box. Alternatively as you said, unplug all devices and just leave the router plugged into the jack. If it still doesnt work, then report another fault.

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Re: Telkom do not Recommend Cordless phone?

Thank you for your kind reply, Ya it is funny but with a bitter taste!!

I am using this cordless phone since 2015. I checked the phone on another line and it is working perfectly. I used their phone at my place it doesn't work. I changed the filter, spliter and phone and nothing happen. Just I gain very slow internet and can not open even single internet page.


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Re: Telkom do not Recommend Cordless phone?

I had the same kinda problem, and unknown to me, there was a lightning protection unit installed on the line where it came into the house. That had become faulty. Replaced it, and hey presto. All was good. 

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