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UK Handset - BT Diverse 7110 Plus Single DECT Phone

Hi all,


Does anyone know if certain international handsets are blocked for use in certain countries? I recently purchased the above BT cordless phone off amazon. And when I connected everything, the phone works fine, it's just there's no dial tone. Yet, I also have a fixed landline (cheapie alcatel) connected which works fine, so it's not the line or anything.

The manual does say to use the cables provided or there is a chance it wont work. The problem is the cable provided, has a white BT connector on the one end (connects to UK wall plug point), and an rj11 on the other (which connects from the cordless base set). So I replaced that with a straight rj11 to rj11, and connected that to the phone port of the adsl splitter.

My concerns are, that the phone needs the extra connectors on the 'BT connector' for extra features the phone has (text messaging etc.), so just using a normal rj11 connection wont help. Or, I'll need an adsl splitter than has the 'bt connector' port, which doesn't look compatible with SA wall plug connectors. Or, simply that the phone is locked for use in the UK only.

I did read something about voltage differences which could affect functionality, but as the phone switches on and works 100% (except the dial tone), I don't know if that could be a problem. Anyway, to anyone who read this far and takes a swing at replying, many thanks in advance!

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Re: UK Handset - BT Diverse 7110 Plus Single DECT Phone

@Dee89 Not all countries will use the same PSTN & POTS equipment, and thus instruments do not necessarily work in other countries.


In South Africa, devices need to be tested and certified by ICASA to work on our network. If not, it is not guaranteed to work.

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Re: UK Handset - BT Diverse 7110 Plus Single DECT Phone

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I do appreciate it. It's starting to sound like this handset is only configured for use in the UK, based on your feedback. Thanks again for your help. Take care.

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