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Unfulfilled promise

I puchased a wi-fi router on contract during the months of February 2017. after few weeks I receivd it, bt it was not working at all (faulty). The sales person from Telkom adviced me to return it within 5 working days, of which i did. She promised to give me a call within 48 hours bt till today she hasn't. Since from that day i phoned sales department several times but all of them promised to get to me within 48 hours, of which they don't. The package was suposed to be R149/ pm, but 3 different debits order went through, two were more than R600 and the last one was R289. I dont know what to do anymore cos i cann't keep on reversing the amount, and what is worse is i dont get any help. Its the 5th month now without help. I don't have the device, but only a statement of my nonexisting account. Can someone give me an advice please
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Re: Unfulfilled promise

Hi Tebu


I noticed that your post had 25 views and no replies?


I am not sure why after 5 months your issue has still not been resovled? I am not a Telkom consultant or agent, just a member on the community that reads posts and will share my thoughts on the posts that i read. 


Personally I would have after 3 weeks of no show or result from Telkom as to the faulty device, would write a detailed Email to the relevant department ( thus being sales and accounts) with all the necessary information to escalate someone or some department to respond and to rectify the matter. I am afraid calling on the phone just leads to frustrations and empty promises. By emailing you have proof of correspondence, you put the ball in their court to resolve the matter, and you cover yourself from why, If or how's....


Hope your issue will be resolved soon.

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Re: Unfulfilled promise

Thnx 4 de advice Marius, i wil try email. I hope that my problem will be attended to.
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