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Unknown IP address

Hey There!


I hope you guys can help me out on this one!


My ADSL line went down on Saturday night sometime, even though the 'phone still worked fine on the same line. I did the usual thing of unplugging it from the Power Supply etc., but it remained down through the whole of Sunday. So, in pure desperation, I tried the Telkom website for help on Monday. I followed the steps laid out in the guide I had to download and on my third attempt I finally manged to get the internet back again.


The problem I now have is that I am unable to get back into the software to change my Login, Password and/or settings. Every time I open the software or type in the IP Address ( and log on, it gives me a blank page with the following message in the Top Left corner: is managing this account.


I'm worried that my modem might have been hacked and, if so, what do I do?

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Re: Unknown IP address


I also get this every now and then on my Netgear. Nothing to worry about. The last time you accessed your router, the device that you used had the IP of from the routers DHCP. You then logged into the router in, but when you ended, the router never released the browser login session to the router. SO now it is telling you that you are still connected via 


In the meantime your device might have picked up a different dynamic IP from your router, maybe for example. It usually rectifies it self. also try and power down the router. If you are trying to access it from a different device, then rather try the original one.

Once done, logout of the router to prevent it in future

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Re: Unknown IP address

Thank you very much!


It worked like a charm. I'm back in familiar territory.

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