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Usage increased without permission

My spend limit on my Telkom mobile modem was increased without my permission. From the inception of my contract I called Telkom call centre to have a r0 spend limit. Religiously my bill has always been r156 however this month my bill is at r600. Who allowed my limit to be increased ?
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Re: Usage increased without permission

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Hi @Megan21 


I can only imagine your frustration maybe from not being so familiar with the Telkom Digital System. My first and foremost advice to you is to get signed up on Telkoms website for an online profile linked to your email. And based on the RICA information, link the phone number of the sim card in your modem to your online profile for more options to manage the service.


1. Click Manage Service and make sure that OOB surfing is turned off for the respected sim phone number.


2. Change your spend limit to R200 which will allow the basic fee of your contract.


3. Should you need to buy a second bundle for the month, use the temporary spend limit for those unforeseen circumstances.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Usage increased without permission

Good Day

I sent an email to 10210 advising them of my R0.00 spend limit last year ,
i have been religiously billed for past 19 Months just subscription fee,
Suddenly my spend limit was changed without my authority to R500.00!!
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