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VOIP on or through Huawei B525 router with Telkom data

I am trying to find out if I can set up and/or use VOIP on the Huawei B525 router.

I took Telkom's "October Special" and set the router up with no problem.  When I collected the router, I was told that I could plug a telephone into it, and have since discovered that doing this does not automatically set up VOIP.


According to the router specs it can be set up for VOIP, and the technician whom the local Telkom office spoke to indicated that this could be done.


I was also told that Telkom does not "do" VOIP for private or domestic users.  WHY THE HELL NOT???  So I will have to find another VOIP service provider who provides VOIP/SIP facilities and accounts.


I have been into the menus on the router and can find no menu item or reference to setting the router up for VOIP.


Is there any way that I can set this router up to give me VOIP using the data loaded onto it, and using the router and a standard desktop handset?

The router obviously has a Telkom sim card in it.


While I'm posting, does anyone know if there is there any way I could use WhatsApp on my desptop using the router as the telephone?

Stuart Aitchison

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Re: VOIP on or through Huawei B525 router with Telkom data

Yes you can use Whatsapp on your PC without using your phone.
Here is a link to a video showing you how to do it.

As far as VOIP is concerned, Yes you can set up VOIP on the Huawei B525s-65a
(model number on sticker on base of router).I assume this is the model you have?
Before I elaborate on VOIP, it's essential to check on the Upload and down load speeds
of the router.This can be done by going to .

Do this at various times ie. morning, midday and early evening to get a good picture of what
is going on. Download should be a minimum of 4mbs as recommended by Webafrica and upload should be the same or better.
you can get away with lower speeds with a good quality DECT VOIP phone,however, you must consider the bandwidth
used by other devices connected to the router similtaneously (other lap tops, smart phone etc.)
A modern DECT phone uses 150kbs - 200kbs depending on the CODECs being used.
If your Up/Down bandwiths are low, you could consider a external Yagi antenna (Telkom uses B40 (2300Mhz))
You can check on the web to see where the Telkom Cell towers are and you can use Google maps distance function
to find the closest tower that uses B40 for orientating the antenna. Take into consideration
high building,hills obscuring line of sight.
The B525s-65a has a VOLTE menu - disable this option. The ALG sip option should be disabled if voip calls
drop often.
You can get various VOIP connections, Webafrica is offering month to month packages with or without a Yealink DECT phone
(once off cost for phone ) starting at 170 mins local call time and up.
I hope this is of some use to you, however,you must decide your course of action.

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