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Wifi connectivity issues

Hi please could someone assist as telkom have been utterly useless until now. I have uncapped LTE wifi with a Huawei router. I also have outside antenna and was receiving 30mb per second upload and download speed for 6 months.Skncr December something changed my router light turned from blue to green every telkom store I went to could not tell me why or how to turn it back to blue. My current speed is 1mb per second and I have paid from January 2019 to date (3months) R799 pm. I have called telkom everyday  logged many case numbers and still have not received sa single call to get my internet sorted out  Please telkom could you help me

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Re: Wifi connectivity issues

Connection Issues

Signal changes are indicated by LED lights on the Router.


  • Light Blue - 4G Coverage
  • Dark Blue - 3G Coverage
  • Green - 2G Coverage
  • Red - No Service

Try resetting your router settings, keep records of your passwords, use the router settings option to backup your current configuration and perform a reset then restore. But if the light is green it's probably the signal issues or your router might have been accidentally changed to 4G to 2G.



Connect to your router web panel if you can.



See if the colors above correspond to your current connection.



Change the router connection from "Auto" to 4G Only. see what happens.



In case you unsure call telkom service agent.



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Re: Wifi connectivity issues

a blue light on the right side of my telkom d-lonk modem are flickering is it a problem first time it came on
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Re: Wifi connectivity issues

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Re: Wifi connectivity issues

after the loadsheddng my router dont work try to phne call center send from one to the just them to help and reset me from their side but dont was to much to do now i must sit without any service for the weekend good service you are da best 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
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