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keep your router on when loadshedding hits

[ Edited ]

so i recently made my router run from a 12V 7ah battery, so when loadshedding hits, i can still atleast have internet.

Im running my D-link router off of 1x 12v 7ah battery and my ONT off 1x 12v 7ah battery, i added fans to the little box i made to keep the Step up/Step down module running cool, im using the step up/step down module for the reason of the 12v 7ah battery when its fully charged will be around 13.8v, so just a safer way of knowing my router wont be blown.

Below images are of  the Step up/Step down module and and the final product with the fan connected.


Very easy little throw together (took me 30mins to make this ) to have internet when the power is out.

hope this helps abit.





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