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4 Ways to Free Up Space on your Android Device

by Blog Author Telkom on ‎08-08-2018 10:00 AM

Android smartphones fill up quickly, with downloaded apps and media files like music and documents. Some lower end Android phones have even less space, becoming even more of a problem.

If you have less space, you may find that you’re spending a large amount of time managing the internal storage on your phone.


So how do you prevent this? Here are four ways to free up space on your Android device:


Use your built-in storage tool from Android


Android has its very own storage tool. Yes, this pane shows you what is taking up your internal storage. You will find this in the Storage feature under Settings. This feature shows you how much space is taken up by apps, audio files, downloads, files, images and videos. This way you can easily track what can be deleted and what needs to be kept on your smartphone.


Take advantage of Android 8.0 Oreo


Google released Oreo, the latest Android version that has taken storage rather seriously. Oreo breaks down the storage menu into a more granular list on your smartphone.


The list used to be grouped together by apps and then varied files. Now they are grouped by category – so an images and videos category will show images, videos and apps related these like image editors. This makes it easier to manage what is most important on your Android phone.


Get an SD card and move data to it


There are quite a few Android devices that still have micro SD card slots. This means that you can transfer your pictures, videos and music to your SD card. If your device already has an SD card, you can buy an SD card with more storage. For example, if you have a 32GB SD card you may want to look at getting a 64GB card.


Move your images to the Cloud


Images can take a lot more space than you think. With the likes of apps like Instagram, there are a lot more high quality images that are saved on your Android device. So make use of the Cloud.


You want to be able to use Google Photos or Dropbox to automatically sync your photos to the Cloud. This gives you unlimited storage for photos via the Google Photos app on your Android device. Visit photos.google.com for more information on this.


Try these tricks and let us know which storage saving tip works best for you.

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