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Burning Mobile Data with the Usage of Hotspots

by Blog Author on ‎28-08-2018 09:50 AM

Well, the personal hotspot feature on iOS, lets your PC link back to your iPhone so that you can use your phone’s connection to access the internet on your computer. You may know of this feature on your phone as “tethering”. This feature is also supported on Android phones.

But the truth is, no matter what device you use and whether it is iOS or Android, your computer will burn through quite a large amount of data when “hotspotting” as opposed to if you were browsing through your phone.




Well, computers have full desktop versions of most websites that you would browse. This means more images, videos and ads to load – linked to more data needed to load such features on a “web-first” website, compared to more efficient mobile versions of the site.


What else could burn data when you hotspot to your computer?


Have a look at your computer settings. You may find that your PC or Mac is constantly downloading other files in the background. These include files like program and system updates. This type of activity will most definitely use up your mobile data a lot faster.


How do you fix this?


If you need to hotspot on a regular basis, then you may want to make a few software tweaks to ensure that data usage is cut down.

Certain browsers like Google Chrome and Opera have a “data saver” mode. This allows your PC to compress large images and you even have the option to temporarily switch of cloud sharing services to further save data.

Also, have a look for “metered connection” settings from Windows 10 on your computer. This limits the amount of data that your PC automatically transfers.


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on ‎02-04-2020 09:27 AM

Dear Telkom


I will like you to discounnect me from my data bundle and please stop billing me 


 Thank you for your attention 


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