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Getting the most out of your mobile battery.

by Blog Author Telkom 2 weeks ago

  • The first and most essential battery saving technic is to keep your screen brightness on the lowest comfortable level that your device will allow. Did you know that your device's screen is responsible for almost 50% of battery function each day? Screens are getting bigger batteries aren’t, make sure to turn down the light a little and save the juice.
  • Using WiFi instead of your 3G/4G technology can dramatically improve your battery life on your device. Keeping your device on a single connected network will help out your phone or tablet buy stopping its automatic process of searching for the strongest tower in order to keep the best reception.
  • Sticking with the screen, let’s talk about videos – keeping your video consumption down to a minimum when you need to keep your battery is crucial to saving battery when you need it to last a little longer.
  • Turning unnecessary hardware radios off when you can is also helpful in keeping your device alive. When not in use be sure to keep your GPS, Bluetooth and mobile devices switched off. We’ve even got a little hack we can share with you for charging your device: When charging, switch your device onto airplane mode and it’ll charge twice as fast!
  • Turn off unnecessary live wallpapers. Any wallpapers that move on your phone in the background will do more harm than good. Turn them off and save your battery from most certain death.
  • Updating your apps and phone software is essential to keeping your battery power alive. Often developers and manufacturers have your best interest when it comes to preserving your device battery at optimum levels. Update and save!

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