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How to Save your Data Allowance

by Blog Author on ‎05-09-2018 10:00 AM

Show me the estimations


Research shows that if you stream 30 hours of music a month, at an average of 1 hour a day, this would burn roughly 850MB of data.

If you stream 10 hours of video in SD (standard definition), this would be roughly 2.5GB of data. 10 hours of high definition video viewing would cost you about 8.5GB of data.

So, if you factor in each and every activity you do on your smartphone, from emails to gaming, web browsing and everything in between, you can see that a 2GB to 5GB monthly plan can be used quite quickly. 


What’s the best monthly data plan size to get?


This would depend on what mobile network you’re with and what benefits you get with them. For example, Telkom 2GB Freeme plan offers music streaming without using your data with LIT. And the 5GB plan and up offers video streaming without using your data. This means that you save video streaming data costs and your data can be used for web browsing, emails, gaming etc.

Find out more about our Freeme plans here: 


on ‎10-09-2018 07:46 AM
How do I check who is using my data from my Telkom Router ?
on ‎20-03-2020 11:06 PM

IT is very easy, you can easily save your data just your account on this site and link to this website. clash of lights apk mod

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