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Implementing the Internet Of Things in your Business

by Blog Author on ‎26-11-2015 11:34 AM

Today, societal, commercial and industrial transformation is being driven on a global scale by digitalisation, which offers businesses significant opportunities for innovation, increased competition and faster waves of change. Digitalisation, in turn, is being driven by a number of technological levers, including social media, mobility and unified communications (UC), big data and analytics, pervasive connectivity, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Vaughn Naidoo, Telkom’s Executive for IT Solutions, Architecture & Strategy, believes one of the major changes we will see as the IoT takes hold will be how it drives big data like never before.


“Of course, being a telco, this is significant to us as there will be a huge surge of data sources being connected to the network. This means that networks will need to scale in capacity to handle the vast amounts of data that will be generated and to address their capability to enable communications between IoT capability providers and their IoT devices,” says Naidoo. “Telkom already has a massive, next-generation network, so we are well-positioned to handle these challenges.”


Inevitably, there are other challenges that will need to be overcome before the potential pervasiveness of the IoT can translate into the benefits anticipated by those touting it as the ‘next big thing.’


The first of these is the fact that personal data can be generated, collected and mined as part of an IoT ecosystem, which raises some concerns surrounding data privacy and security. Additionally, there are currently very few platforms or shared frameworks that can enable collaboration and innovation across IoT-enabled stacks. Compounding this is a lack of IoT standards at present.


Furthermore, with so much data being generated, transmitted, stored and processed, a great deal of worthless information will be gathered too. The usefulness of data and the relevance thereof will thus need to be assessed and managed on a regular basis.

Nonetheless, Naidoo is of the opinion that these challenges are not insurmountable, and it will not be long before the real benefits of the IoT shine through.


These, he says, will be many and varied and will include creative innovations, entire new industries and even breathing new life into product families that were on the road to irrelevance or extinction.


“As Telkom, we are well positioned to take advantage of the excitement generated by the IoT and we expect to leverage our network, data centres, big data warehousing and analytics to become a capability hub for IoT innovation,” says Naidoo.


This IoT capability will be an extension of our cloud services portfolio, complementing a ‘Platform as a Service’ approach to IoT innovation. It will also allow customers to leverage our services to connect their systems and applications to Internet-connected sensors, automation, appliances, wearables and other IoT devices.


“We will be able to host applications, data and systems that will manage, interact or collect data from IoT devices, as well as build IoT-enabled applications, analytics and control systems,” says Naidoo. “We will even connect customer IoT devices to third party IoT capability providers.”

“Naturally, we are still at the beginning of this great change. No one can really appreciate what a truly pervasive IoT will mean or what impact it might have on us, our businesses and society when every device, everywhere, is able to connect, communicate and be controlled via centralised or distributed systems. The one thing we can be sure of is that it will not be boring,” he concludes.

on ‎03-12-2015 11:50 AM

Challenges are certainly going to increase with demand for superfast bandwidth for both home and business. As fibre optic cable is being trenched into various suburbs in anticipation of this phenomenon, we need to know what Telkom is doing to compete with ISP's in this roll out of bandwidth solutions. I would really like to know the contact department and person/s we can discuss this with.


Regards 1066

by Community Manager
on ‎03-12-2015 12:49 PM

Telkom has recently created a new entity called Openserve that is tasked with the rollout of FTTH amongst other things. There is a massive drive to pass 1 million homes with Fibre by 2018.


See more info at

on ‎07-12-2015 02:39 PM
Good day. Some company has been installing cable in the area of Fairland (Randburg). The cable has multi-core sleeves, however, the actual fibre optic cabling has not yet been installed. How do I determine which company has laid the cable? Regards Malcolm
on ‎14-01-2016 05:14 PM

I like the question from @1066 - I think that in addition to understanding the plans to roll out FTTH as wide as possible, we also need to know the plans for wide spread open wifi across the country.  I think that the pervasiveness of IoT will depend on our connection ability and let's face it connecting to an ethernet connection is very old school.  I've been playing with Arduinos and Raspberries for a while and most of these will gladly connect to a wifi connection - everything will have to be ready for them to succeed.  Last point though on the FTTH question, i know that companies such as Dark Fibre Africa have been laying fibre all over but the last mile is the bit that is slow, what needs to happen to speed that up in areas that are not in estates and other high income areas?  More collaboration and cooperations between ISPs and Telkom ?

on ‎14-01-2016 11:30 PM
One of the major problems that is holding back the economy of South Africa is that Government and parastatals lack transparency regarding action plans, timetables and departments that can really help. Perhaps this has to do with insiders wanting to think about opportunities of making money in their private capacity (although ideas can't materialise unless there is capital and experienced personnel to execute a good business plan) or perhaps secrecy is just another form of social control that prevents poorer, less educated, less connected people from getting ahead. Jealousy also plays a part as the egos of managers / leaders get dented if they didn't think of the idea themselves. When will we mature? The USA certainly has its faults, however, they are incredibly successful and have a more sustainable economy because innovative ideas are encouraged, shared and opportunities are created to develop products, services and manufacturing by many different strata of their society. Generally, they are a generous people willing to help, share and provide. This can be seen whenever a major catastrophe strikes their country and many, many people rally together to help. This does not happen to the same extent in SA. There is so much mistrust in our country with the result that people don't share ideas / opportunities because they are often hijacked, with little regard for the person or entity who made the suggestion. Lies, false promises and deceit seem to be the norm at the highest levels. There needs to be a paradigm shift in the outlook of government, parastatals and business by the leaders within them. True leadership is about integrity, vision and creating teamwork - across all races. I am so sick and tired of the hypocrisy regarding racism. Black Management Forums are ok, but heaven help the person who suggests a White Management Forum. BEE can never work as the concept alienates people along racial lines with the result that whites feel isolated and distrustful of motives. Inclusivity (which is the opposite of BEE) is required for the country to make real progress. People just don't get it, because narcissism is part of the South African culture. Our land is becoming full of talkers. Those who are willing to work hard have left for greener pastures. We need another Mandela and I don't care what colour he/she is. Malcolm Stoddart
on ‎13-10-2018 10:12 PM
telkom please assist Samsung's ♡ TizenOs I'm registered as . im studing at and i alūso run the ioT's native webbased smartphone . Im also coding a home gateway router under OpenWrt for tizen. its just 70% of my data is my studies and im asking for fair reverse bill using native websites that are actually the operatingSystem #Tizen web api wgt and many more that id like to reverse bill as im out of data
on ‎17-01-2019 02:08 PM

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