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Telkom Netball League

by Blog Author on ‎16-08-2019 11:30 AM

With the recent success of the #SPARProteas at the 2019 Netball World Cup we were thrilled to see what a positive impact it had not just on the girls, but how it had echoed throughout the communities in South Africa. We caught up with Telkom Brand and Product Segments Executive, Gugu Mthembu. Who shared her thoughts on Sponsoring Telkom’s Netball League and the benefits of empowering Women in South Africa.


“We chose to sponsor Telkom Netball League because there is a large misrepresentation of Women in sports. So, to try and fill this gap we felt like Netball, which was one of the biggest Women’s sports in South Africa is an area where we could address the issue” says Gugu Mthembu.


With the #SPARProteas netball ladies achieving 4th place in the world cup it only goes to show that a little bit of help goes a long way in extending the path to young ladies who are looking to achieve a dream. Success is always in reach when we’re willing to help.


“Sponsorships go past our regular everyday activities and we aim at addressing the societal issues that genuinely interest our customers, while aiming to empower women in South Africa.” Mthembu continues…


Sponsorships are key and beneficial ways to give back to our communities and it’s only one of many great initiatives we take part in as a brand. Telkom believes in the future of our country and the talent that we possess! With a warm heart and smiles on our faces, we wish all the wonderful women of South Africa a happy Women’s month!

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