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Telkom Prepaid Tariff Plans explained

by Blog Author Telkom on ‎18-10-2018 08:00 AM

Telkom Prepaid offers you affordable data and airtime while also giving you more than what you bargained for. This is done through two Tariff Plan options, Telkom More and SIM-Sonke.


What is Telkom More?

Telkom More is the Tariff plan you will automatically be put on when you buy your new Telkom Prepaid SIM card. This is the tariff plan that gives you double the airtime every time you recharge with R5 or more and the extra amount you get can be used for anything, to call, surf the net or send SMSs!


What is SIM-Sonke?

This Tariff plan allows to do the most at the lowest rate, with no peak or off-peak distinctions. This means that the rate stays the same throughout the day. It even brings you closer to your most loved people at only 29c per minute for Telkom-to-Telkom calls.


With both of these Tariff plans you are still able to get more when you buy FreeMe Bundles from only R29. With these Telkom bundles you will get free WhatsApp calls, free Telkom-to-Telkom calls, Free WiFi and MORE. This is why Z’khipha More on Telkom Prepaid. Joining the Telkom family means getting more than you bargained for.

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