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What can I do with 1GB Data?

by Blog Author on ‎24-07-2018 10:00 AM

How much data are you actually using?


When your mobile phone is connected to the internet, you’re using data. Yes, that means that whenever you’re not connected to a WiFi connection – your data is quickly depleting. But how much is actually getting downloaded and how much data is being used when you are browsing the web or streaming video?


Take a look at how much 1GB of data gets you, so you can easily budget and manage your smartphone in the most effective way:


You can browse around 3 000 web pages

If you had used your 1GB of data on purely web page browsing, you could probably browse around 3 000 web pages. This obviously depends on whether those web pages have video content or heavy imagery on them or not. If you’re looking at web pages with high resolution imagery, you’ll probably be browsing less than 3 000 pages with 1GB.


Send 1 500 000 WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp messages are really small – so if you’re just texting, know that your 1GB of data on WhatsApp will last a pretty long time. You can send over 1.5 million messages with just 1GB! But remember, this is based on text only, and if you use video and imagery on WhatsApp, your data will deplete much quicker.


Upload 4 000 photos

We all love Instagram, and with 1GB of data, you can probably upload about 4 000 photos. That equates to roughly 120 photos per day for an entire month with just 1GB of data!

Stream 300 minutes of YouTube

1 gigabyte of mobile data gives you about 5 hours of YouTube streaming. This doesn’t sound like too much, but it can be broken down into over 60 music videos non-stop. Remember to watch what resolution you’re watching videos on, as if the resolution is very high, you will use more data. Usually resolutions are available in 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.


So now that you know what 1GB of mobile data can get you, you can budget for a 1GB plan or why not move up the ranks to a 2GB, 5GB or even 10GB plan?

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