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What is RICA and why is it needed?

by Blog Author on ‎05-12-2018 08:00 AM



What is RICA?


RICA stands for The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act, and it requires that all customers that have a SIM card, or would like to get a SIM card, have to have them registered.


Why do we need to RICA?


The more advanced our technology gets, the more advanced and creative criminals get! To combat this RICA was put in place to identify these criminals as well as to prevent crimes like this occurring in the first place.


What do I need to RICA my SIM card and where can I RICA it?


You can RICA your Telkom SIM at any Telkom store, but will need the following documents:


Your ID document (green barcoded ID or ID card) or Passport if you’re a foreign national.

Proof of address that is less than three months old, like a utility bill, store account, Telkom statement, DSTV account, municipal letter etc.

Completed RICA registration form (available instore)


While RICA registration may seem like a lot of trouble, these laws were created to protect you from criminal and fraudulent activities. So do your part, and get RICAing! 

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