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What will 5G Mean for Us

by Blog Author Telkom on ‎04-10-2018 02:00 PM

You may have heard of the latest buzzword in the mobile network industry called 5G. It is also known as the fifth generation of wireless technology.

We’re all aware of 4G which most smartphones have as a feature for connection today. 4G was designed to allow people to have the ability to download movies within minutes and have quick, efficient access to the internet as a whole. This technology is known to move to 5G in the near future.


But what will it mean for us?

The launch of 5G is still in preparation mode with the tech giants of the world like Google. Companies like Google are in the process of defining global standards for the technology and negotiations are set to carry on in 2019.

So even though 5G is not an immediate tech change to our lives as yet, it is a concept that we should be aware of. 5G is said to roll out from the year 2021 in the United States.


What will 5G give us access to?


You will be able to download movies in a matter of seconds

Mobile networks are already pretty fast, but with 5G, you will be able to access internet speeds of roughly 10GB per second. That means that you will access speeds of around 100 times faster than what you are getting now. So high definition movies will be able to be downloaded in just a few (5 to 10) seconds as opposed to 10 minutes. 


You will be able to connect to millions of brand new devices

5G is always associated with speed but it’s not just about the speed of the internet. It’s about being able to access and connect wireless devices like smartwatches to your cellular network.

What’s more? These smart devices won’t use a ton of data. These smart devices may even be incorporated into other industries like healthcare, to ensure efficiency globally, and thereby decreasing the cost of mobile data to the end consumer.

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