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Why it’s important to check your coverage before purchasing a Telkom Product

by Blog Author Telkom 2 weeks ago

Purchasing a new internet service is a really exciting time for nay household. Finally getting connected and enjoying the pleasures of using WiFi throughout your house can be a rewarding experience when it comes to streaming your favourite shows, staying connected to social media or using your mobile devices to make internet calls on the cheap.

We’ll be discussing the importance of using the Telkom generated coverage provider before ordering your services. The purpose of our handy coverage tool is to ensure that you get the best and fastest connection that your geographical location can provide you. Whether this means using faster technologies like Fibre optic or using a standalone router such as LTE technology, there’ll be an option that fits your area and budget accordingly.


In order to check your coverage, you need to do the following:

  1.  Head over to https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/ucm/
  2.  Enter your address into the search bar and find your address on the map
  3.  Use the filters to change between 3G, LTE, Fibre or VDSL
  4. This will help you determine which product is the best area
  5.  While you’re here you can also see our hottest deals and search for the nearest Telkom WiFi hotspots

Our coverage map is just another fantastic innovation from Telkom that we’re proud to offer our customers for pure convenience! Ensure you click on it before moving over to the next step and get connected with Telkom!

by Chris0623

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