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19 days installation

My deposit was made on the 9th and the shop assistant told me 7 days for installment after making the full payment her story changed to 14 days. I received a SMS saying installation will be done on 23rd. Then today I received a SMS that tells me on the 28th it will be installed. I want to cancel and look for another way to get connected. Does anyone have answers
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Re: 19 days installation

@heinevandenberg, I am waiting patiently for fibre, but until then I still advise ADSL as the connect and speed is stable. I have tried 3G/LTE from various providers and although fast at times, seems to unstable to me. I prefer a solid and stable connection even if a bit slower. Hang in there! With installations, sometimes there are technical issues holding up the process, like card and port availability on the exchange.

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