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so guys from my previous post i got convinced that ADSL is not a financially friendly option for my needs,
A user here adviced LTE home internet (where you pay R200+ monthly for 2 years)...
This seemed as a perfect advice until bad new surfaced as "I do not have LTE where i stay :-( "..
but while i was strengthning my understanding of this LTE home internet i saw a crazy crazy crazy good offer, that its possible for me to buy 500GB night surfer data to use...**i wont care about sleep with 500GB of data**
But here's the thing, who gets to lay their hands on this massive deal?
I will give below what i have and you deduct from that if its possible for me to get those massive bundles-:

1. I dont have LTE/LTE-A, i have 3G.
2. I have a prepaid sim card..
3. I have no wireless router
4. I am not subscribed to any smartbroand telkom contract

In simple english (no network engineering jargon) what do i need to have to get this 500GB for R50?
I have 3G (2MBps max speed) do i qualify for this 500GB?
**I am not planning to pay anything more than R350/m, will i make it?

##I am so tired of internet cafes...
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