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Account/Billing email address required

Please can we have an email address of someone in accounts department who can assist us?

I have a similar problem with a cancelation.

I cancelled my Telkom line on the 31st July 2018 and gave them my 30 days notice, I received an sms the same day confirming confirmation of cancellation with a case number and that my cancellation will be done on the 31st August 2018. On the 8th August I received another sms stating that my case number has been resolved. I have moved out of the property where the line was, so I have no access to it, hence why I cancelled the line in the first place...On the 9th September I received a new bill, for the line that was supposedly cancelled, I contacted telkom and they said they would escalate the problem... did not get a response back from them. On the 9th October I received another bill for a line that I cancelled... whoopy I called them again and I got the same story they apologize and they will escalate the problem.. still nothing..On the 9th November I received another bill for a line that I cancelled, I phoned them again and got told that she will escalate with her leader and I should get a response very quickly,,,,On the 16th November I received an email stating that they are sorry to hear me cancel and that they acknowledge my cancellation and with immediate effect I am in my 30 days notice period....I need to note that my cancellation period will end the 16th December... WHAT A JOKE...
I replied back to the same email on the same day that this was not the case and that this is unacceptable... WHY MUST I PAY FOR A LINE THAT I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO AND THAT I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO GET CANCELLED..on the 21st November I received a phone call from telkom offering me a swop from my landline to a fiber line with vumatel?????????????SERIOUSLY, I told her the same story why would I want it if I don't have access to it, she told me that she would escalate the problem...This is seriously bull, and this is effecting my name negatively with ITC because now i have unpaid bills reflecting on my name, because they are too stupid to do there jobs properly. On the 9th December I recieved another bill fo a line that has now been cancelled 3 times.... and so on the 9th of january another.... i am so tired of phoning and explaining this and this so called being escallated and then another month comes and another bill... i need an email adress or contact person that is actually going to do there job... I have reported this on hellopeter.com but also nothing came off that... really the worst service provider that i have ever come accros...

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