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Account/Billing email address required

Please can we have an email address of someone in accounts department who can assist us?


Cancelled "ALL services/products" on our landline number on 22 March with Nadia at Kenilworth Center, Cape Town - reference A12466597.  Still receiving bills.  Overseas for year and cannot call Telkom numbers from overseas.  Tried online Chat help - no response.  When the invoice arrived in April, we sent an email to the (cancellation) address on the invoice and despite auto-response replies, nothing has been done to rectify the matter.

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Re: Account/Billing email address required

Hi @Rich007, I have directed this to an accounts agent. 


You are also able to communite with us via Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)


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Re: Account/Billing email address required



Accounts for 0519332172 acc number 610314830001.

Account 0519334795  acc number  610321210001

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Re: Account/Billing email address required

I feel that it is very unprofessional to only have this community and a facebook or twitter option of communicating with Telkom. Everyones personal information is displayed for everyone to see. I need to speak to someone or send an email to a "person" not a website. I need to quote account numbers and amounts paid which i definitely do not want everyone reading. This is the only company I've dealt with that does not have a one on one relation with the customer. In Ladysmith we dont even have a Telkom office, we have to drive an hour to Newcastle to resolve issue only to be told that they cannot help.

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Re: Account/Billing email address required

Good morning is it at all possible to get a direct contact number and email address for Telkom SA Accounts

I have 3 accounts running on a EFT system (2 for more than 2 years) and all of a sudden Telkom try to take the aacount from a Standard bank account that was removed from my Telkom account for more than 2 years during which I am paying EFT monthly.  If you print your account you get one amount, if you phone 081180 you get another amount and if Telkom Shop go on your account link another amount.  FUrther to this Telkom is charging a R202 rejection fee - this is making a quick buck and on top of this they show our account is due 30 November 2018 yet on 22 NOVEMBER 2018 THEY SUSPEND YOUR ACCOUNT.


The numbers provided by Telkom on the website is of no use - you phone 08h00 in the morning, hang for 47 minutes and have to hear the whole time that all operators are busy - no matter what time you phone or how long you wait ALL OPERATORS ARE CONTSTANTLY BUSY - if this is true it show me hoe many accounts have problems.  Telkom Tygervalley get you through to account agents who cannot help you as they do not have a clue what is going on with the accounts, they do not even have a supervisor on site who the paying customer can talk to.  To communicate via social media and twitter and linkedin and hello peter is not going to solve the problems.  I need a direct contact number and email address for an accounts person who can assist with this problem.



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Re: Account/Billing email address required

This was debited from my account. What is is this for?


TELKOMMOBI50311347201062034295   amount  R419.75

TELKOM SA 120504400001131843           amount R 713.05


Dr Docrat


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