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Account Billing

So last month I couldn't pay my account because of some difficulties. I called Telkom and they said they'd suspend my account and debit my account at the end of the month and I'll be back online in no time. Cool, at the end of the month (August) a debit order of R1200 went off on my account from Telkom on the 25th, another debit of +-R1294.58 went off on the 26th... However I remember seeing my outstanding bill as +-R1025 for July.

I contacted Telkom but I sat on hold for almost an hour, eventually I gave up. I later went to my bank and reversed the first debit of R1200.

A few days later, after noticing my account was still suspended, I called the accounts department, the consultant wasn't much help. I then went online to check my bill, and I noticed that the R1025 was rejected, and R1470 was brought forward, coming up to roughly R2890 which I need to pay at the end of September.

What am I finding difficult to understand is, Telkom can't apparently see the debit order of R1294.58.

Any help anybody?

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