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Account enquiry

Good day Telkom
I have a problem with my account here is my id no: 9301085653080 last year i tried all best to settle my account with telkom where by paying via EFT i realised that i was debited by NAEDO DR where else i was supposed to be debited by TelkomMobi not Naedo today i called the call centre they tell me that i was given a fine of R200 for rervesing that transaction worse part of it i paid this account via eft they got the money and it appears on thier systems so it come to a point where by im going to cancel this contract with them because they are keeping taking our money from my account. Who is **bleep**en Naedo dr thing i have Bank Statement to prove that can i please have a clarity on this matter because its not for the first time this thing happening.
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