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All accounts Cancelled - Still being Billed

Good Day,


I am trying to reach someone in the accounts department but to no avail. Hence I am here.


On 21 Aug 2018 I initiated the cancellation of all my accounts due to the selling of my house and received the case number: 245 456 77 and 245 456 78.


On 28 Aug 2018 I was in contact with an agent who was handling my case. During this call I mentioned numerous times that I was selling my house and wanted to cancel all of my accounts.

I was assured that all accounts were successfully cancelled and my last billable date would be 21 Sep 2018 ( The date I happened to move out of my old house ).


I was a little upset that I was billed for a full month of Sep 2018, as it indicated that my last date was not 21 Sep but rather 30 Sep...I was not going to make a deal out of that, as my accounts were closed.


I have now received a Statement for Oct 2018 ( I will not be paying ) and having called the call centre, I was informed that my account is not closed and my last billable date is not 21 Sep 2018.

You can imagine how this is causing a lot of frustration on my side.


Having dug through my emails for my case numbers it would seem that one case number issued 245 456 77 was not resolved - This, should not be the problem of the customer with Telkom creating multiple case numbers for a single customer transaction - Close ALL my accounts. Why must I do your admin, after having gotten confirmation from an agent that all my accounts have been closed?


I will not be allowing any payments to Telkom come off my account, please close my accounts, no one is using the service.


ps. My father requested that the R15 email address facility be moved to his seperate account as he uses it for business. This has been done, but does not mean that the rest of my accounts was to go active. In case that was the cause of my account's termination being reversed.



Your assistance would be greatly appreciated in this regard.

I look forward to communicating with someone in the accounts department.

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Re: All accounts Cancelled - Still being Billed

Dear Telkom,
Please respond to my email urgently - claudiaheyl@gmail.com
I am really shocked!
I cancelled my account [see cancellation attached] on the 3rd of December 2017.  Then I received an invoice [see attached] for charges for Jan and Feb 2018.  I then emailed your cancellation and accounts department my cancellation and had no response from them.
During last year 3 debt collectors contacted me and each time I asked for the invoice in dispute and each time I asked why is Telkom charging me for Jan & Feb 2018 if I cancelled in December 2017. It was never resolved and I never heard back from them.
Today I receive an sms that I have been summons for the amount of R595.25 with a contact number and then I find out I have been blacklisted.
I then phone your billing department and the lovely lady on the line tells me that she will put in a dispute which will take 14 days.  My reference number is 28713631. After the 14 days my dispute will be sent to another Telkom department which will issue me with a letter to say I don't owe Telkom anything which I can then use to clear my name which takes 14 days.  
This means I am blacklisted for more than a month. WHY?  This means if I would want to apply for a loan or buy a car or apply for a job I will be unable to do so as I am blacklisted.  
What do you suggest I do?
I would love to hear your response.  Hopefully this won't take more than a day.
Thank you.
Claudia - claudiaheyl@gmail.com
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