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Bad Credit Score

ok.. so i have had issues with Telkom and my ADSL since November 2017, after nemerous reported faults, 4 new modems (due to reccomendations from Telkom) and endless calls to Telkom with no resolve, I unfortionatly had to close my Telkom account in November 2018. This process only effectivly came into play at the end of January 2019, where Telkom credited me for every month that my ADLS was not working.


I now sit with an issue where i was told by Telkom that they would inform the credit beuro and the debt collection agency that my account was credited and that i would be cleared of all "Ill payments on my name". It is now March 2019 and i still have the debt collectors sending me email to pay a sum of money to them, even after sending them proof that my account sais R0.00 owing...


Furhtermore, i did a credit score and it reflects on my profile that Telkom has written off the ammount due to non-payment and has labled it in the black catogoty (which brings my credit score to thge worste ratring possible). This is an outrange as i now cannot even apply for a cellphone contract due to this error from Telkom.


How do i get this rectified, is there any other means that i can try to sort out this long (over two years) outstanding issue i am having with Telkom?


Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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