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Bad service accounts and Canal Walk

In June we went in and took a upgraded our adsl line at the canal walk store, only to have the product not work. We went back and forth with Wayne and Shaun trying to get the adsl to work but nothing they did or technicians worked. Shaun advised if we took the LTE option they would charge us anything for the upgrade and we could continue with Telkom. We took the option of LTE only , low and behold our bill arrived and we had been charged for adsl that never worked. I had to email Canal Walk as they had not done their jobs , Shaun had the products credited but couldn’t give me a statement or invoice for me to see. The accounts department were supposed to refund us the R700 deposit we put down for our adsl line. But now they say I have to cancel my land line or they won’t refund me. So when a agent tells you that you will be refunded the R700 deposit don’t be fooled by them as they will make up 100 excuses not to give you back the R700 deposit.

I have such bad service from the beginning I have now have to cancelled my landline with Telkom to get my refund. Its amazes me that Telkom would rather chase away customers than try and keep them????????????? Disgusting service / Ref 24111153

I have asked more than once for the Area / regional manger of Cape Towns contact details but no one will give it to me.

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Re: Bad service accounts and Canal Walk

Hi @Kim1406


Sorry to see this happening to you , so frustrating. Unfortunately only Telkom agents can attend service issues ( we’re customers like you in the forum). 


Try messaging a detailed complaint to log a formal dispute with a Telkom media support team below -  they’re best for decent feedback & results :-


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza

and/or email the same to 


Include details of your account, the disputed invoice items, all related refs / dates, and your verbal agreements with Telkom store consultants.  Say that you require acceptable urgent response within 48 hours.  


Hope this helps . Good luck - please let us know outcome.

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