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Billed for period before signing contract

I signed a cellphone contract on the 21st of April 2018.  When I received my first bill on the 31st of May, I see that I was charged from the 1st of April 2018.  How can I be charged for something I DID NOT HAVE, and 2ndly I DID NOT USE, and 3rdly, I WAS NOT EVEN AN EXISTING CLIENT.  I phoned Telkom and they insisted that their billing is correct and refuse to credit me for the period of 20 days.  How can you charge for something that was not in existance and being used/and in the possession of?  

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Re: Billed for period before signing contract

Hi @CAR76


We’re also customers in the forum ( no Telkom support agents here) so can’t really help with service issues.


I don’t use Telkom mobile but you might find this is normal with all providers’ device contracts.  But they surely should have told you what to expect -  at least my provider warned that subscription on first bill is ‘ doubled’ .


The device subscription is charged for the full month in which you sign the contract / received the device, plus the next month so that you’re paying in advance - they bill you for 23 months. 


Here’s what their website says :-

What should I expect to see included on my first Telkom bill?

Your first bill will include charges that you incurred in the month that you took out your contract PLUS the subscription amount for the current month. If you need further help with your invoice, you can Talk To Us.


Add-on-Device fees on your first invoice: These fees will be charged double and in full on the 1st invoice even if the contract is taken on the last day of the month.


Sorry this isn't much help -  but perhaps the unused portion of  your April package data / minutes was carried forward to May ? You could login in to My Telkom portal to check.

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