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Billing done wrong

I have an issue with a re-connection fee due to late payment. Problem is, payment was made and AFTERWARDS the re-connection-fee was applied. I paid via your online Telkom Customer Portal. Usually I do an EFT. Payment was made but did not reflect for a few days. In other words, what was reality and what was stated on the online web portal did not match. This was January 2019. According to your online portal eventually catching up, I made my payment on the 27th of January 2019. This was in fact paid more than a week before that. Even if the 27th was the actual payment date, you still issued the re-connection fee 2 days afterwards on the 29th.

I have made sure not to pay the re-connection fee as matter of principle and have logged many queries, faults, etc regarding the matter. Still no response.

So here comes the real problem, this is all happening again. I have made a payment through the self- service Telkom web portal again on the 14th of April 2019. Today on the 29th, this still does not reflect. It clearly states on my CC account summary that this amount has been claimed by Telkom. Once again my landline has been suspended and this time my online Telkom Customer Portal seems to be not functioning either. Same credentials as usual but with a reply of “Could not find an active or suspended account for your login”.

Please sort this out soonest.

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