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Hi there.


i would first like to say that i am very unhappy about the service i received from Telkom.

i have paid my account via EFT on the 24th December a whole week before the debit order should run, then the next thing i saw was that Telkom suspended my line 2 days ago without even notifying me. When i phoned in to ask what is going on there was being told to me i am behind on my payments but i did pay and they can not see on their side that i paid my acocunt this was done more than 3 weeks ago, i know for a fact ot does take the bank a month to clear one simple payment!!!. Now i am being inconvienienced cause of a billing error on telkom's side. I am bust doing online studies where now i am 3 days behind with my assignments and i missed my online exam due to this. I am at the point where i will cancel all my contracts. I can not wait for 7 days for billing department to catch a wake up. I have no words to describe how i feel. Plus i am being over billed for 3 contracts and no one can tell me why. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.

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Re: Billing

Another billing issue that hasn't been answered in more than a month Smiley Surprised

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Re: Billing

Telkom cut our line today 26 June 2017 regarding a account due for 4 July 2017. When we phoned agent said telkom made a mistake it is only due 4 July 2017 and they will correct it that was this afternoon at 12 o clock it is almost 20h00 still no interent. Then another agent confirms that it will reflect on credit report as late payment....can you believe this pathetic people how the hell can we be penalised for telkom incompetance
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