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A case number has been assigned to me on 1 Novemeber, for a deposit that has not been refunded to me, and has been ongoing for months. There is not a contact name or nuber on the email, so no way of sorting it out.


Who can I contact to discuss this?


"Dear Customer,

Your query will be attended to. Your case number is 30758903

Telkom SOC SA"

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I would like to tell Telkom what I think of their service and all I can say is there is no service.  We phoned yesterday  3 timed and was kept holding for  45min per call. Finnally when they answered we were informed that their sistem is offline. Again today  we tried after an hour and 22 minutes we put thephone down due tono answering  of the  phone.  We have a uncapped 10 meg line and we struggle to get a constant download speed of mor than 0.5 meg per second.  Upload speed even worse at average between 0.15kbs and 0.35kbs.


This is rediculouis.  We pay for a service that do not being delivered. Iam really to the point to go and seek alternative wifi with another service provider other than telkom. 


If anybody ask me how Telkom is I would tell them to run and stay away from you s possible.  It is the worst company with the terrible service record. OH SORRY NO SERVICE RECORD!!!


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