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I canceled the contract i have with telkom of LTE due the device was delivered in June and it was not working. I bought it online. Till now the device is still with me because they keep sending me from pillar to post instead of collection. This delaying tactics is nothing else but keep billing my account. What action to take to resolve this.
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Re: Cancelation

I ordered a phone online and Telkom delivered two devices. I returned the extra device the following day and was assured that it will be removed from my name along with no extar fees being attached to my account. The following month I had to pay for the extra/returned phone even though it was not i my  possession, and then another month later, after many conversations and pleadings, Telkom bills me over R3000 as Termination Penalty. After two months they now want me to pay for cancellation of a device they delivered without me having ordered it. I do not know what to do anymore. Lodging queries doesn't help either as they have been processing my requests/queries since December 2019 yet I have to continue paying.

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