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Cancellation and Refund

Good day, 


In April i had taken out a cellphone contract, when i had received the device it had immediately over heated up, this consequently happened a number of times after that as well. 


I also noticed damage to the casing which when i further investigated was not normal. 


Within 7 days (cooling off period) i contacted Telkom  to collect the device and replace it with a new one. I was told by the consultant that as soon as it is collected, the new device will be issued and will take about a week as it will be a cancellation and a new contract will be issued. i will receive a call and an sms within 24 hours regarding the cancellation etc, etc. I will then sign a new contract as well. I agreed to wait the 7 days and waited for Telkom to contact me. 


The device was collected the very next day and i had returned it to the courier complete with the box, charger, earphones etc.


More that 7 days had passed and i still had no response from Telkom, i had then phoned back to query when will i receive my new phone. 


The consultants repeatedly bounced me from pillar to post without any help, the same response was receieved time and time again, that they have escalated it and i will receive an sms within 24 hours ot they will call back etc. 


3 - 4 weeks had passed and i still had no device returned to me, i called in almost everyday during that time until i reached a point where i told the consultant i dont want the new device returned at all, i will apply again for the device but ensure the current one is cancelled. i was told i'll receive an sms, i tried re applying for the new device but could not get this done as the system did not allow me to have two of the same contracts opened. 


At that point in time i had realised that the original contract was still not cancelled - bear in mind i had requested replacement/cancellation within the cooling off period. I then told the consultants to simply cancel it completely as Telkoms service is terrible i dont want to deal with the company at all. 


At about 2 or 3 weeks the repair center contacted me for the password to the device that had been collected from me - i explained that the device was not to be repaired as it was faulty from out of box and i will not accept it back. 


A full month later, there was a Telkom delivery to my office, i was not in when it was delivered, when i got in and opened the delivery, it was the same old device which was faulty returned to me with a repair note stating that the device software was updated and tested and not faulty. 

The damage on the casing was still there. 


I contacted Telkom again to rectify this, as my device was sent in during cooling off. 


Do date i have been promised the device will be collected, the contract will be cancelled, i will receive an sms etc, but nothing has been done. 


I have sent emails and i have proof of some of these emails as well, unfortunately i have no record of the conversations telephonically, however Telkom do state that calls are recorded, so im pretty sure these can be obtained.


I am now still being billed monthly, i placed a stop order on my account but Telkom changed the order name and debited me again. 


I've called in again and again to cancel, collect the device and refund my money as i simply can not deal with this terrible service. I've even been into the store but have had no joy


Each time taking at least an hour or two on a call with the consultants. 


PLEASE, rectify this issue, cancel the contract, collect the device and refund the money back to me as ive now had enough of this. 






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Re: Cancellation and Refund

Can anyone help me with my telkom account, its increasing every month .i tried in so many ways to get help regarding this and i am not winning. i am not working and my account are all under Debt Review. this contract i opened it many years ago and have not been using it however i sent emails and tried all the help i can get to block this and i see now its R2**********420 is not in use guys please help i cannot afford this amount which you increasing for me every month.

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