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Cancelling services problems

As requested by Telkom I filed forms that were emailed to me one month ahead. I had an ADSL line managed via Afrihost - I also cancelled my service with them and on the first of May I received notice that the line has been cancelled and been migrated back to Telkom. A couple of days later I called Telkom to confirm that the line has indeed been migrated back but was told they can not cancel my services as this has not been done. Since then I've had made multiple calls between Afrihost and Telkom to find out what is the status. Afrihost says the line has been released, Telkom says it has not. Back and forth this goes.

After today's third call to Telkom I was told that the emailing forms does not really work and that I need to cancel online. And that there is no order form (previous people have acknowledged that there is an order from me). I was then given instructions to go online to do this. Now of course it will be another month or 2 of billing.

Still the ADSL line is not visible under my services. 

I do not know what to do anymore - I have had so many different responses, been sent back and forth to Sales, been told to resend those forms 3 times, been told that they can't help me, been put on hold for 30 minutes while talking to the supervisor, I've run down my airtime over and over.

I'm at the point of cancelling the bank automatic EFT and never ever in my life do any dealings with Telkom ever again.

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Re: Cancelling services problems

Hi did you manage to come right? I have been Trying to cancel my ADSL Service for almost a year now. I don't even live at that Premises any more, I don't have any service from Telkom but they Keep on billing me R800 a month, I Also don't know wat to do anymore. I have mailed forms Logged calls, raised disputes, cancelled online still nothing. surely there should be something I can do because they are basically stealing money from me.

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