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Charges after line has been canceled

I have canceled my telkom account last month (Dec 2015) and still received a bill for Jan 2016. I contacted the help centre and the lady i talked to was o rude and told me that if you cancel the line it takes 30 days to cancel but they still charge you for that 30 days. So tell me why do i get charged if telkom are slow on their side? Also the lady i talked to droped the line in my ear while i was talking to her. I will not pay the amount for Jan 2016 as none of this was mentioned to me when i activated the line. Please sort this out Telkom or i will go to helo peter.

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Re: Charges after line has been canceled

@steviemarincowi This post has been moved to the correct board.


Please note that there is always a 30 day notice period when cancelling a service.



To query this, please use our service channels: 

  • Home:   Sales - 10213  & Service - 10120 (free from a Telkom landline)
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Re: Charges after line has been canceled

Please note, i have canceled this beginning of Dec... I have just received a bill that says charges for January?
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Re: Charges after line has been canceled

They continue billing you for two months after the account was closed (so 3 months since you requested cancellation), because "that's how the billing system works". They go so far as to charge interest if you don't pay the amount. After the two months they credit your account (but not the interest), and you can call them again to get it transfered to another account (or refunded, but may be more trouble) if you have a positive balance.

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Re: Charges after line has been canceled

I am a pensioner and have been a prepaid customer for many years (Waya Waya). I can no longer afford the annual line connection fee. I have filled in a cancellation form giving one month's notice from today 30 May, which means line must be cancelled on 1 July. This is what Telkom has asked me to do. But where do I take the cancellation form to? I tried a Telkom shop but they said they don't do cancellations. I heard from a friend she sent it to Telkom via email and it was ignored. She was then billed two months in a row after sending the letter of cancellation. This is tantamount to GROSS THEFT as far as I am concerned. I don't want to go thru the same thing. Please if anyone can assist in telling me exactly where I should go with this cancellation form I would really appreciate it. I don't mind driving to an actual Telkom telephone connection office if that is the way to go.

Thanks very much

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Re: Charges after line has been canceled

Hi @Nettie, as per our FAQ on our website, you can email it to 10210@telkom.co.za or take it to a store.

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Re: Charges after line has been canceled

I have literally lost the will to live.  I cancelled my Telkom internet line back in October 2017 exactly the way Telkom requested me to do, in writing, filling out their form and emailing it to them.  I received a notiication telling me that they have received it and it will be dealt with.  I am not in March 2018, almost going into April and Telkom is still sending me bills charging me for a service that I no longer have.  I have actually been in the UK since last year October so their equipment is not even plugged in.  I eventually managed to get hold of someone in Ops.  See below.


Mr Ashley Goordin

Business & Consumer TOC

Assistant Operations Manager 


Telkom Park – The Hub
61 Oak Avenue




Ashley responded to me telling me that he is very sorry for my trouble and that he will be helping me.  Today, Frid 16th march, I got another bill from Telkom asking me to pay for a service that I cancelled months ago.  I spent over R1000 calling SA and talking to various people from my landline in the UK.  They have been no help to me.  Mr Ashley Goordin - I really don't know what to do anymore.  I overpaid you last year by more than R1000.  You told me that I would get my money back BUT not only did I not get my money back, BUT you are still charging me for a service that I no longer have even though you acknowledged my cancellation.  I have literally never in my life dealt with a company where it's been so diffult to sort something so simple!  I await your response TELKOM.

Naz Tilley

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