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I have ordered an Iphone 6 in Feb, it was delivered ( but incorrect colour etc. ) as to what I ordered. And the service received was horrible.


I returned the phone with the SIM Card and requested refund / cancellation of the contract. ( Within the cool off period – Telkom policy)


Proof of pick up – attached. Device and sim returned on the 2nd of March already.


I am billed now for two months in a row for a device and contract I do not have.

I called numerous times – call centre staff which they confirmed that notes have been made for refund and someone will call me back, no one did.


Been billed for 2 Months already.


I escalated through Facebook – just feedback regarding ‘escalating’ all the time.


The cancellation form is attached ( also sent numerous times) but no feedback.


This is so frustrating, I cannot pay for something I do not have / use. 


I hope you have a way to resolve this or a contact person who really want to service a client.


Your assistance will be highly appreciated.



Case number:    22699046

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I can empathise, this is typical of the complaints coming through, we have all been through the same frustration from time to time.


Unfortunately Telkoms official stance is that this Community group is not for complaints, ref https://community.telkom.co.za/t5/Announcements/Telkom-Service-Channels-How-to-get-Help/m-p/1768#M13


They do reccommend Facebook/ Twitter. I see you did try Facebook without real success.


My experience is Telkom has great offers if they fit your needs but you need to offset that with some pain sadly.


Please let us know if and how you do get success so that we can better advise in future.

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