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I have tried cancel my ADSL and landline since August 2017. I have tried the customer line a number of times, but do not seem to have a final resolution. I am now not clear whether it has been done/ not. So I am now putting the histroy of my complaint in writing with the hope that a 4 month old issue can finally be addressed. 


Telkom complaint- Account number 517239750001


On the 15/08/2017  I emailed a customer contract and service cancellation request – to cancel my ADSL and landline contract. Since then I have not used the line and have clearly told my household that the line was cancelled.  

I followed up 10/10/ 2017 @ 11:38 – spoke to Angela- nothing had been done. She requested that I re-email form again to sibizo@telkom.co.za

Nothing happened

I followed up again on 13/10/2017- same response and re-emailed form again this time to mpatiz@telkom.co.za

Nothing happened again and I received a bill for service and use of the phone? The only people who have permission to use the phone are I and my father, as the bill is paid for by my company. I did not use it. He used it for a UK call on the 5 September and not after that. So I paid the September bill – on 24/9/2017- despite the fact that I had asked for a cancellation.

I followed up again on 9/11/17 @ 10:45. Spoke to Siphiele Mbili @ who once again insisted I resend the form to mbilesm@telkom.co.za. She remained on line and confirmed that she had received it at 11:50 and that she would ensure that the ADSL and land line where cancelled that day. She was calm and professional, but I insisted that I speak to a supervisor, as my level of confidence in Telkom's ability to complete the action was low. I spoke to Ashley Gordon, her supervisor. He ensured me that the contract would be cancelled and that all the charges be reversed to the original date 15/8/2017 i.e. there would be no costs charged to me as the ADLS and landline should have been cancelled as requested. 

He promised that Siphilele would follow up with me by the end of the day to confirm all actions had been taken.

I received a SMS on 9/11 @12:15 that the ADSL line was cancelled- reference number 180 708416.

At that stage I removed the phone from my line, just in case that it did not happen.

No one followed up with me either at the end of the day or later in that week.

I then received a SMS on 27/ 11 that my account balance was R847.18, and now I have received a notification on the 18-12-2017 for an account of  R413.1. I do not know what is going on???

It looks like my landline is still not cancelled and the assurance from you supervisor that the cost that should not be charged to me since the 15/8 would be cancelled has not been addressed yet. This is now 4 months later.

But I have checked your website and I do not seem to have an account. This isvery strange. No account, but I am still getting bills?

My job involves traveling overseas for periods of time, so it is not easy for me to constantly follow up what is happening. It is with much frustration that I am now forced to sit during my few days off to address something that should be a standard service  and should have happened 4 months ago.

My request is very simple:

  • Confirm that my landline is cancelled and if not
  • Please cancel my landline
  • Reverse all charges that have been charged to me due to the fact that you have not cancelled the ADSL and landline as requested on the 15/8/2017.

I would appreciate receiving confirmation of this in writing by the 5 January 2018. 

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Re: Complaint

dEAR Telkom, i bought 2x prepaid vouchers for my house phone from spar - as always. NONE OF THE PIN NUMBERS ARE WORKING. Spar refered me to you for refund. i have called the 10210 number 8 times since august - always the same answer : WE WILL CALL YOU BACK. YOU LIE!!!! 8 times 30 minutes per call = 240 MINUTES WAISTED ALREADY and still no refund

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Re: Complaint

Good day,


Please tell me that after your efforts of also pulishing your complaints on a public domain hosted by the very same company that seems not to care about its customers or anyone for that matter has finally come to your aid or at the least a formal reply?


I am also in a position of dissatisfaction and in fact very irrate at how our order has been handled by Telkom, where it has been a whole month, following up with them everyday now for the past week, prompted by our sheer frustration and Telkom's lack of ownership, accountability nor sense of care.


I want to compllain, but I wonder if I will get any help or resolution to my case judging from this complaint of yours.


Where do we turn to if we have exhausted all avenues to get a resolution and Telkom does not come to the party?

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Re: Complaint

I own a restaurant, my phone line suddenly went dead resulting in no land line, no ADSL! I have been phoning 10217 daily since the 20th March when this happened. I have irate customers not being able to obtain loyalty points, the system cannot update daily, I cannot receive any take away orders etc etc. The issue has been escalated but to date not assigned to a Tech to sort out. I wonder if I can sue Telkom for the loss of earnings and potential damage done due to loss of clients etc. No one is contactable or interested in solving the issue. Typical Government owned entity run by people who have no business skills.

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Re: Complaint

To whom it may concern


I have never come across a service provider with no complaints or customer service email. I struggled to find a email so I ccd all the emails I could find online. 


Telkom took of R2000 from my account this month, March 2018 as my previous account for February is outstanding. I went on to the Telkom chat the same day to find out if there any amount outstanding for me to downgrade my LTE from 200Gig to 10Gig as its never working and we dont even get 10% of the speed that was promised so we moved to fiber and a different service provider, (the special was running until the 31st of March R139 for 10Gig). We also cant close the account as we have a 2 year contract of something not working ''pathetic''. Linidwe, from the Telkom chat said that there is R3498.94 (I took a photo of the chat, please see attached). I paid in the outstanding amount of R1498.94 which was paid on Wednesday the 28th of March. 


I went to Telkom in Tygervalley the following day to downgrade. I was helped by Jason and he requested that I come back on Saturday the 31st of March as it takes 72hours to reflect the payment in their system. On the morning of the 31st of March, Telkom took of R1498.94 from my account, now my count is in the + and Telkom owns me money. I went in on Saturday and spoke to Jason again. He said that there is an amount of R350 odd still on my account. I showed him the screenshot of the Telkom chat I had and that is the amount that I paid so how is there still R350 outstanding on my account?? Jason logged a ticket and gave me a number that I can contact to query everything as he was unable to assist me any further. 


I phoned the mobile department 081 180 at about 12:00 on Saturday, 31st of March 2018. I explained the situation to a lady that assisted me over the phone, she could obviously not assist me as she put the phone down in my ear. Today is the 1st of April 2018 I still have not been assisted, Jason has not need updated on the logged ticket and now I have to my pay another month of my 200Gig and I am not even using it (We have gone onto Fibre). 


Thank you for nothing Telkom, your service is really pathetic!!!! I will NEVER recommend Telkom to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Complaint

I need help from someone at Telkom

enough is enough.

i need a rainmaker


the worst organisation to deal with.



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Re: Complaint

Reference No: 22701857 - Account Number 335616389


12 March 2018 - Dial 081180 - Repoerted I bee overcharged and NOT receiving the correct GB ... I should be receiving

20GB deal @ receiving 10GB deal for overcharged diffrent amount from HJan 19 - March 2018.


I was told on the 12th of March 2018 to check again....





16th April 2018 - WAS TOLD NOTHING WAS DONE....




10210 - MELISSA






081180 - BILLING


?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? THIS IS WHAT IM LEFT WITH ...........................UNRESOLVED.............................TELOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ..... PHONE ME 021 593 4110 ................................082 8713 618 ....................





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Re: Complaint - New contract and sim swap still not possible


Dear Telkom 


I trust that you are doing well. 


I am at the point of frustration and I really would like to get my new contract cancelled if this issue can’t be solved in the next 24hrs. This is unethical business practice on the side of Telkom. The process was very easy to apply and take out a new contract, but to get after sales service. It’s simply not existent. I am also running a business and this type of service is simply unacceptable. I can’t believe Telkom Mobile has last this long with this horrible service to clients.


I took out a new contract for the iPhone X about a month ago. I received the package, but I am unable to make use of the contract sim as I need my existing Telkom number swapped. I requested for my banking details to be changed to my business account details at the time I took out the contract. I have also express my interest in wanting to use my existing number as used it for business purposes. I was told i could do this afterwards, now to find out that i cant do that. I should have taken it out in the name of my business. 


The followed process, I have tried to contact various parties within Telkom to no avail.


About two weeks ago, I went down to the Telkom shop in Mutual Park, Cape Town. Just to discover that they can’t help me. They can’t access my account. I was requested to hunt down the person who help me via the sales call centre team to change my banking details and help me with the number change/ number port. 

I told the Telkom consultant explicitly that I will not hunt down people to sort this out. They should sort it out and assist me in the shop which they could not do. The shop couldn’t do a sim swap in the shop as they didn’t have the rights. The most annoying part is that fact that I need to call around to figure this out. A week ago, I was called by someone in the Pretoria call centre, telling me they will resolved the issues. But up until now no word, no news. I am more and more annoyed but the fact that none of your departments are able to assist. 

Coming monthly end, I have to pay a bill and I am unable to make sure of the contract facility. I am expected to pay for a service I can use. Is that ethical business practice and fair service on the client.


No one can give direction. I am very annoyed about the fact that I am sitting with a contract that I can’t use. I have to pay thousands of rand and are unable to use your service. Trying to find the cancellation page on the new Telkom website even worst experience. 

What i don’t understand is, how the Telkom business process or lack thereof is becoming a consumer issue. These issues should have been in place by now. Why is it still an issue?

I am not willing to walk around with two sims cards and one phone. I have to run a business. How is it possible that Telkom still has not figure this out? I want to swap my Telkom number to the contract numbers.


Can someone please assist, if not than I rather want to cancel my contract. I am sending this email to ICASA as well.  I am tired of incompetence! Bad customer service and its only the start of the contract. This level of service is unacceptable and poor.


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Re: Complaint

Dispute number 23251030 lodged 5th May


I am experiencing the same incompetence from Telkom, I had my fibre line installed on the 11th March, and at the end of March I was still charged for the entire month for ADSL.


Then in April I was billed again for ADSL and also Fibre, at over R2300, now to add insult to injury I am billed at R2900 in May.


I was told that they have an overload of disputes and cannot cope, and have been sent from sales to accounts and back again, and absolutely nobody can assist.


I went into a telkom service centre only to be told that the only place that can deal with accounts related queries is thne service centre at 10210.


I will now be forced to cancel my service as I cannot afford to continue to pay for services that I do not have


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Re: Complaint


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