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Re: Complaint

why is it so difficult to cancel a telkom contract????

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Re: Complaint

Dear Telkom


I was called by one of your sales consultants on the 24th of June 2020 about a promotion of upgrading my 50 SmartBroadBand wireless to Home unlimited 10Mbps (Ref 246780334A). I was adviced that there will be a cancellation on my wireless device as soon as I have my fibre and I was happy with it. Fast forward, I waited for 7 to 14 working days and still nothing. Called 10213 countless times until today, I logged on my Telkom App and it qoutes "SAD TO SEE YOU GO ( Service ID TIN3595817) ". I called the customer service to ask what is happening and I was told that The technician DID NOT FIND YOUR PLACE so he cancelled my installation. WHAT IS THAT?????? I am very angry with you telkom for lack of communication with your customer...... How do you show up at someone's place without them Knowing that you will be coming??? NOOOOOOOO man, this is not how you deal with your customers. I AM GOING TO MAKE A NOISE ABOUT THIS UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Angry Customer

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