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Consumer Request for Contract and Service Cancellation

Good day,


Last year, I received a call from the Telkom  lady telling that my area has a fibre and would I be interested in upgrading from ADSL (2Mbps) uncapped to Fibre (4Mbps) uncapped. Looking at what I was paying, I told her I am interest. Later they install new service at my place and they did not stop the other service (ADSL). I was expecting to be an upgrade to the contract I had with Telkom as the lady said but they kept on billing me for the service I was not even using. I called them and they told me to go the nearest Telkom and cancel it there. When I went to the nearest Telkom, they only gave me a form to fill and email it to servcancellation email and I did send it on the 11th of April 2018 but they never cancelled the service and they kept on billing me. I kept on enqurying about it and they will ask me to resend the form and nothing was happing. Until this year, they removed the service but the bill remained the same. I tried disputing  but nothing is happening. I am growing frustration now and I am not sure where to go or what to do now? Anybody assist please, it is destroying my credit record now

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