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Desperately seeking assistance

I have recently been scammed with a bill, so I am extremely distrusting now. 

Due to ill health, I fell behind on my accounts, once I started working again, the creditors found me and I started paying off the debt. I was contacted by Blake Collections who was incredibly professional, had all my Telkom details, did everything in an official capacity and got a debit order going to get be up to date with my account. I thought this was wonderful! Then, out of the **bleep** blue, I get this single sentence email from someone claiming to be an attorney, giving me my settlement amount but no additional charges, just warning there are additional charges. There are no bills - nada. I have dealt with attorneys, and they charge if you walk past them. I refuse to pay this bill twice, and certainly will not carry the costs of these highly unproffessional people (seriously - a one-sentence email instructing me to pay money into their own little FNB account, with absolutely NOTHING official backing them up?)

I called them, and demanded that they send proof that they are who they say they are, and that they must confirm that this bill will not be paid to them, as I am already paying it! The woman on the other side, named Anneke, was super bossy, told me to let her speak, and that she will send me their bill. I refused. I will NOT pay them. I am paying telkom off, not some scummy attorney who do not have the decency to write a decent letter. I have ALREADY been paying another collector for this very same account, for months already. WHY is this happening - where did these organisations get all my details? What is going on? Is any of this legit. I desperately need confirmation from Telkom, and Telkom to take over the handling of this account, I have zero faith in these people at all anymore. Can someone please, please contact me? I am not exactly well-off, and am doing my utmost to recover after my cancer treatments, and pay off all my bills, but this is ludicrous, I can't possibly be expected to pay two separate attorneys for the same account. That is downright taking advantage! Can someone please handle this? I honestly can't deal with another knock right now I want to pay this off, I have been busting my **bleep** to do so, this is a slap in the face! How can Telkom possibly be doing business with an organisation as unprofessional as DC Fourie Attorneys? They have ZERO identifying information except a vague reference nr to my Telkom account, their bank details etc - no email signature, no formal documentation. Just vague single sentence scam-style lettering. It is astounding it did not go to my spam folder. Please don't make me deal with someone that unprofessional. Let me pay it off, but I can't be expected to guess at amounts and simply trust they are legit. 

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Re: Desperately seeking assistance

I am deeply sorry to hear about your problem, so frustrating for you, but unfortunately we’re customers in the forum with no direct access Telkom staff& can’t be much help with service issues unless i had similar issue.

Try messaging your details & refs to a Telkom media support team for decent feedback & results :


Facebook: TelkomZA
Twitter: @telkomza

Further more here are their other support options : -

Telkom Service Channels: How to get Help

Good luck, please let me know what about the outcome.

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Re: Desperately seeking assistance

Thank you so very much for taking the time to reply. It was a challenge, but I finally got through to the right people, and this was a clerical error that was rectified. Speaking to people who could not access additional info just frustrated the situation (and me) even more. This got resolved after a few days of trying - in a few minutes by the right person. Thanks so much! 

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