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Extra charged on account

I receive 50g day and 50g night data plus 50g day and 50g night dat free every month for R755pm. We do not use all that data, but now I get charged R1225 per month for my data. Why is this? Why am I paying so much extra? I have not been informed about any changes. We have checked and used data about the same every single month for more than two years and all of a sudden these changes are there. I cannot afford to pay that much extra. Online queries and mails go unanswered. Not getting answers from call center they say we used more, but on my usage history we did not even reach near what our allocated data is. The nearest branch is about a 100km drive for me. Anyone have contact of someone that can help me? Or some advice on what to do will also be appreciated. Will have to cancel and look for something cheaper if this is what they are going to charge me.
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Re: Extra charged on account

I second this, the charges change monthly and it's frustrating.
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