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I have called telkom several times for a account that was reported about 12years ago and nothing was done. There were a telephone account opened in my husbands name and after all this time there are still a outstanding amount so we can't even aply for a phone or internet services. All the document needed from the police and finger prints were sent to Telkom Kimberley. We were told everything was done and if we wished to apply for a land line or any service from telkom that there will be no problem but now we can't even apply. They told us they will call us back and give us a update but nothing happend and no one called us. SO WHAT DO WE DO NOW
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Hello, please join our Facebook group "Telkom Fraud Cases" and repost exactly what you posted here (if you have a Telkom case number, you can also add it there)? We need to get as many people as possible so that we can take this matter to Gerrie Nel, Afriforum and Carte Blanche. I have contact with someone at the National Intelligence Agency who is also looking in to this matter. I will put updates on the Facebook group.

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