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Frustration at attempting to close account

I have been attempting to close my account since April of last year.  I have submitted the forms to close the account innumerable times , with no success.  I attempted to take the forms into a Telkom store, only to be told that they had to be submitted on line.  I even tried cancelling my debit order, only to have it reopened by Telkom.


After being billed not once, but twice this month for a telephone I no longer use or have access to, I resubmitted the forms earlier this week, but have just received yet another invoice, and no acknowledgement of receipt.  Should I be billed again, I shall have no alternative but to take the matter up wth the ombudsman.


I am extremely irritated about this entire affair.

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Re: Frustration at attempting to close account

hello @belton real sorry to hear of your plight. this is not a service channel. your best bet would be to contact Telkom on 10210 or on their social support channel @HelloTelkom on twitter

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Re: Frustration at attempting to close account

The Goatfish


The 10210 route is not working, I've been trying it for the last 5 months. I have gone to the Telkom shop to close account on 27 April 2017. They completed and sent through. I had to resubmit in any case.


Like I said, I called and emailed for the past 5 months; I just got off the phone with Jennifer, same story as last month; so I asked "what is the next step?", well based on her response, I am sure I will be calling 10210 again on the 24th of November 2017.


Don't try going to a Telkom shop, they just refer you to 10210.


If someone knows of a physical address where I can break Telkom furniture, please assist.


Thank You


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Re: Frustration at attempting to close account

[ Edited ]

Was your problem with cancelling your Telkom line ever solved?


I am experiencing the same thing.  In the past, I assisted 2 companies in closing their Telkom account, as they had moved...but it was THE hardest thing to do, and took forever...blatant theft as Telkom still extracts money from your bank account. 


Sadly they do not have competition...otherwise they would up their service.


They really are a pain, the absolute height of inefficiency.


Perhaps the new Minister can assist... ;-)


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Re: Frustration at attempting to close account

Telkom account its sucks big time
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Re: Frustration at attempting to close account

Telkom doing the same to me... charging me after I closed my account.  Online help doesnt work, no response from emails....... Theft Theft Theft!!!!

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Re: Frustration at attempting to close account

Oh yes, I see other people with same problem, after 4 months of email, going to shop and phoning, it seems that the supervisors is not addressing the cancellation. What to do, speak to a lawyer ??

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