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I'm being over-billed

Good day.


I've had a problem with Telkom for over a year now.

I've upgraded my line for +/-R506 per month and I was billed with R1200/m. The first time I went to Telkom, they said it was the connection fee and we will be billed with the correct amount from next month. However, we're still billed with R1200/m. I went back to Telkom and they gave me a case number and said they will call me back when the case has been investigated and resolved. They also told me to pay the bill and whatever I've over payed, Telkom will refund me. However, I did not hear back from them for months and I had to go back myself to Telkom and ask. And every time I went back to Telkom, they gave me a new case number.


It has been roughly a year and a half now since this happened, and I really don't know what to do. I need proper assistance from Telkom to resolve this issue. Please help me.


Posts: 3

Re: I'm being over-billed

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I am in the same position.

Upgraded from ADSL to FIBRE in November 2018.

Cancelled numerous times, have dozen case numbers and escalation referrences, but now 6months later still being billed every month for the ADSL

I've tried all channels, online, email, store, telephone, "new" cancellations process online, etc. not getting anywhere.

Will be following this thread for some guidance as well.

Very First, original case number for cancellation 362731867A from December

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