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Incorrect Billing

Hi, I have relocated from South Africa to Australia and I have a problem with my Telkom account. Can you please see below and assist. I have 1 account with 2 numbers. 021xxx and 057xxx.


End of March I moved from Somerset West into De Gama apartments. I requested my Telkom line and adsl line to be moved. This was done and I'm happy till here.


End of April we moved again to Strand (Hybernian Towers) and there was an order created as Telkom said they can provide me with ADSL at this location. After about 2 weeks I was contacted and informed there wasn't any infrastructure. I then requested the number of 021xxx to be cancelled and that my adsl should move to the 057xxx number.


THIS was not the case. An additional ADSL service was created on the 057 number, the 021xxx number and calling plan was never cancelled and the adsl linked to the 021 was also never cancelled.


Up until now no one has sorted out anything and my account is going more and more into a minus which I will not pay and due to the fact that I'm not in SA I have no obligation to do so. However, I would still like to have a clear record with Telkom but I'll only keep it up to date if someone assist in correcting this issue.


As for the cancellations of the 021xxx line, plan and ADSL, I did cancel them online and below you'll see a screenshot of the cancellation numbers that I was given. Please not I am in Australia and that I am 8 hours in front of South Africa. I can be reached via email or my Australian number

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