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Incorrect Billing

So Telkom released fiber in my area earlier last year. They had the guys on the corner with their tent taking new sign ups. I stopped filled out the form and went on my way. That same day I received a call from a sales rep at Telkom. I advised that I had already done the form with the guys on the corner, she advised this would override that order and that going through her would be faster.


So I continued, internet was setup within a week and all was good. Untill I received my first bill, I noticed I was double charged and had 2 accounts open for the same 40mb fiber package. I called in and after numerous attempts finaly explained the problem and they closed that account.


Fast forward to this month. I was attempting to take out a credit card and was declined as Trans Union picked up and outstanding amount with telkom. I checked my accounts in Telkom app and nothing was outstanding. I eventually got an account number from TransUnion and checked this with Telkom. This happened to the the account they closed but they never removed the +3k balance on it(although everyhting was paid up) . I have been waiting for 3 weeks to try get this resolved but nothing is happening. I cannot take out credit becasue Telkom cant manage an account properly.  What must I do?

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