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Moving from debit order to direct payment



I currently have four contracts with telkom: cellphone, 2 modems and a router.


I am currently having issues with my current bank account with unauthorised debit orders and so forth, so i have made a decision to just close the bank account and open a new one.  Due to the current issue i am facing i would like to move away from debit orders all together and made direct payments to telkom for all the contracts.


I would like to know is it possible to have an account where i can deposit money into and if not what are my option because where i am standing i am not willing to share my new bak account.  I have tried calling 081 180 to hear directly from Telkom, but i cannot get through to consultants.



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Re: Moving from debit order to direct payment

Hi @Priscilla2

We’re customers in the forum,  sorry but only a Telkom support channel can attend service issues, options here  :-



Try calling 10210 accounts dept. for help re your payment options ( early 8 am best) and/ or send a detailed message to a Telkom media support team - usually best for good feedback and results.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope this helps, good luck.

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Re: Moving from debit order to direct payment

Hi Kathy1,


I was able to get hold of the accounts department.  Thanks.  


They are saying I have to make sure that i pay my account 10 days before the day debit order is scheduled to deduct money.  Should I do this as instructed then there wont be a debit order in my bank account.  I will do as instructed.  I also found out i can do a stop order and even pay using my credit card should i wish to do so.  


For now i a happy because i will no longer be using debit orders.

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Re: Moving from debit order to direct payment

Hi @Priscilla2


You're welcome! Thanks for upate -  I also found the accounts dept. very helpful . Not sure how long it takes for payments to clear Telkom system,  so might be on the safe side to give them a call a few days after you make the first payment - just to confirm no ' auto ' debit order will go through.   



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Re: Moving from debit order to direct payment

Hi Priscilla1, 

Did they ever provide you with the banking details to pay Telkom directly? I would also prefer to do it this way, instead of via the EFT on the telkom site. Please advise if this is possible.

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