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My Billing Address Is Being Used By Another Customer

I have a serious problem (serious for me at least), where my physical address at home, which I use for my Telkom landline and ADSL, has somehow ended up being used by another Telkom client their Telkom Mobile account. I am concerned for various reasons (one of those being fraud) that this person is being allowed by Telkom to use my address (whether knowingly or not) without my consent, for their Telkom account, meanwhile I have been a Telkom client for several DECADES already, and theirs is just recently showing up in the past few months. I have tried on two previous occasions, to alert Telkom and Telkom Mobile of this error, and judging by the fact that this other customer's accounts keep arriving at my post box, neither Telkom nor Telkom Mobile are not concerned with doing anything about this matter. I do not have any other person living at my physical address who has any accounts that I am aware of, and I explicitly request that Telkom / Telkom Mobile get this client to supply their correct address details for their account, which do not point to my residence. I cannot see how Telkom / Telkom Mobile can be alerted of a problem, but they fail to address an error so potentially incriminating. I can only imagine what other accounts this person is going around creating, using my physical address. Please can someone at Telkom & Telkom Mobile urgently attend to this. The other client's Telkom Mobile Account No. is: 501400267 & their name is Mr. Nozandile Mayekiso, and they most certainly DO NOT live at my residence, nor do they have any connection to me whatsoever. I would appreciate an urgent response from Telkom regarding this matter.
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